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Biomass boiler
Bioclass IC

  • Smartphone conectivity
  • Easy to use
  • Automatic cleaning system
  • "Flame Logic" intelligent combustion control
  • Easy to install
  • Power range from 12 kW to66 kW

Controlling the boiler through a smartphone

Range from  12 kW to 66 kW.

Pellet boilers with standard WiFi network connectivity installed through iConnect technology providing the following remote functions, among others:

  • Boiler on/off function.
  • Adjust heating and DHW set temperatures.
  • Providing information of use over time (consumption, ash pan filling status, etc.).
  • Receiving alerts and suggestions.
  • Programming boiler operating hours, etc.

Bioclass IC Advantages


The BIOCLASS IC product range allows customers to control the boiler, as well as other installation components, through the Internet by using the "iConnect" APP, provided a WiFi network is available at the boiler installation site.


The BIOCLASS IC includes an intelligent “FLAME LOGIC” combustion control system that constantly analyses flame and air flow quality to ensure optimal combustion of the granulated biomass product.


Due to the high quality of the materials in the construction of the BIOCLASS, DOMUSA TEKNIK offers a 5 year warranty on the heat exchanger and 2 years on hydraulic and electric components.


DOMUSA TEKNIK’s fully automatic burner and the heat exchanger cleaning system provide high comfort and convenience to the end user. The cleaning of the burner is specially designed to treat high-strength and unburned ash to ensure both durability and minimal maintenance of the equipment.


The BIOCLASS boiler reduces fuel consumption by recovering temperature inversion in less time.

This is achieved by boiler efficiency and electronic modulation.


The boiler body and heat exchanger are designed for the gases to yield as much heat as possible to the heating fluid and throughout the installation.

This creates unbeatable burning performance, especially at reduced power levels.


BIOCLASS IC boilers are equipped with an innovative system to preheat return water. The HotStream system avoids complicated mixing systems and prevents condensation caused by cold return in the installation. The preheating system can be used with direct returns from the boiler as high as 25º, thus allowing direct installation regardless of the type of hydraulic configuration of the installation.

There is also a wide range of optional hydraulic kits available to solve the most diverse home installation needs. All the hydraulic kits are fitted with a regulating system that controls the flow temperature according to the exterior temperature, optimising installation consumption. Among the various configurations that can be set up with these kits are underfloor heating systems for two areas with different flow temperatures.


Boiler cleaning is fully automatic. A set of cleaning springs that retain flue gases improve performance, while at the same time clean ash residues in the heat exchanger.

The cleaning springs are connected to the shaft of a motor via a cam system that regularly moves them vertically, thus cleaning the heat exchanger.

The burner has an automatic ash cleaning system. The lower part of the combustion chamber has a cleaning system to send ashes generated in the combustion periodically to the ashtray. This system cleans the ashes even when the burner is operating, which allows cleaning without having to switch off the boiler. This optimises fuel consumption performance and maximises comfort.

Technical Characteristics

CARACTERÍSTICAS BioClass IC 12 BioClass IC 18 BioClass IC 25 BioClass IC 35 BioClass IC 45
Fuel Pellet Pellet Pellet Pellet Pellet
Nominal power kW 12 18 25,3 34 45
Performance at nominal power kW 93,1 94 93,1 93,6 94,2
Partial charge power Kw 2,9 4,2 6,9 9,5 11,4
Performance partial charge power Kw 90 90,6 93,2 93,2 93,1
Water content L 46 55 73 88 104
Buffer tank Optional Optional Optional Optional Optional
BioClass IC
Filling grille
Fan motor
Automatic fume pipe cleaning system
Pressure limiter
Flame no-return system
Air pressure sensor
Ash pan
Feed worm gear
Sight glass
Sonda ambiente
Incluido Opcional



DC:Flow DC':DHW outlet RC:Hot water return SH:Chimney connection
MODEL A B C D E F G H I J Ø Chimney connection mm
BioClass IC 12 1310 545 755 960 860 835 155 260 340 440 125
BioClass IC 18 1310 545 755 960 860 835 120 225 305 400 125
BioClass IC 25 1310 670 820 1050 935 905 145 235 410 510 150
BioClass IC 35 1310 670 960 1050 935 905 145 235 410 510 150
BioClass IC 45 1310 670 1045 1050 935 905 145 235 410 510 150
Hopper S 404 1525 685
Hopper L 800 1525 685

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