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Biomass boiler
Dual Therm

    • Pellet/Wood Boiler
    • Automatic Fuel Swap
    • Peller hopper included
    • Heat exchanger and burner automatic cleaning system
    • Automatic log ignition

Dual Therm Biomass boiler

DOMUSA TEKNIK introduces into the biomass heating market an innovative solution where the use of two types of fuel can be combined into a single product, while incorporating all the comfort and performance of a fully automatic boiler, and at the same time also incorporating a pellet hopper, to gain autonomy of use according to customer’s preferences. In other words, a pellet boiler, with a combustion chamber prepared for use with logs as an alternative fuel.

Dual Therm Advantages


The DUAL THERM boiler reduces fuel consumption by recovering the investment in a reduced time. This is based on boiler efficiency and electronic modulation.


Wood is a renewable source of energy traditionally used in households, which remains an economical and ecological alternative to non-renewable fossil fuels which are subject to speculative market pressures, causing serious price fluctuations.

Furthermore, the availability of logs in some geographical areas, reduces costs taking advantage of the agricultural and forestry by products.


The heat exchanger is especially designed to maximize the heat exchange of the gases to the water and subsequently to the installation.

The DUAL THERM boiler can significantly reduce the temperature of combustion gases, thus achieving the best performance of the market, with an A + energy rating.


The DUAL THERM boiler has an electronic board that controls the amount of fuel supplied in order to achieve the necessary temperature in the boiler. This permits unbeatable combustion even at low power levels. Being able to operate at a reduced power level , great savings in consumption can be achieved, as the power of the boiler is adjusted to the demand of the installation. Having a wide range of modulation and being able to work at low power levels reduces the boiler’s on/off cycles, avoiding losses due to stops.


The indistinct use of pellet or logs automatically reduces the dependence of loads and maintains greater autonomy of operation


The Dual Therm boiler allows logs or pellet to be used, according to user preference. The boiler goes automatically into pellet operation mode in the event that the wood runs out in the combustion chamber and no wood is refilled, thus maintaining the comfort of the installation without worrying about reloading logs into the boiler.


The large combustion chamber, in which logs of up to 50 cm can be used, together with the high efficiency obtained by fan modulation, allows a longer autonomy of loading for the operation with wood logs.


The DUAL THERM is equipped with a pellet feed auger and a 110 kg pellet hopper.



The cleaning of the heat exchanger and the burner is automatic. A set of cleaning springs that retain flue gases improve performance, while at the same time cleaning ash residues in the heat exchanger. The cleaning springs are connected to the shaft of a motor via a cam system that regularly moves them vertically, thus cleaning the heat exchanger. The burner has an automatic ash cleaning system. The lower part of the combustion chamber has a cleaning system to send ashes generated in the combustion periodically to the ashtray.


The placement of the pellet burner below the combustion chamber of the logs allows the automatic ignition. In the ignition process, the pellet is first ignited by an electric low consumption igniter, to later ignite the logs placed in the combustion chamber. This gives the DUAL THERM boiler the ability of automatically operating the heating system and domestic hot water even when using logs.


The DUAL THERM features an innovative preheated return system. The Hotstream system avoids complicated mixing systems to prevent condensation that may occur as a result of cold returns. This preheating system supports direct returns to the boiler of up to 35º C, which allow to make installations without back up protection, with any type of hydraulic configuration.

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