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  • Complete installation solution Pack (Heating, Cooling and DHW)
  • Fully rated heating capacity guaranteed to -20ºC
  • Can be combined with other energies (Solar, Gas, Oil)
  • Sizes: 6, 9, 12, 16 and 19 kW
  • Cooling gas R32 (Higher performance and lower environmental impact)

Air Source Heat Pump

DOMUSA TEKNIK introduces in the heating and air conditioning market the DUAL CLIMA R air source heat pump range and a complete package of solutions to optimize the energy use of the units, the storage and distribution of domestic hot water. With an excellent seasonal efficiency (A++ and A+++ rating), and ease of installation and use, the DUAL CLIMA R range is an ideal alternative for those who choose a renewable energy source for heating and cooling their homes.

DUAL CLIMA R Advantages


Air source reduces the total energy consumption of the home by up to 70%, thanks to the use of free air energy.

This saving in consumption is maintained even when temperatures are below 0°C.


Air source is a clean technology that respects the environment.

It does not emit combustion gases since it does not need to burn anything to bring heat to the heating installation or domestic hot water.


Central heating, hot water and cooling functions are available.


It is a much safer system and requires less maintenance than those that need to exchange cooling gas inside the house.


The heat obtained is exchanged in the condenser, transferring it to the heat transferring fluid, which is responsible for supplying and/or domestic hot water.


DOMUSA TEKNIK offers a wide range of packs that are completed with all types of buffer tanks and DHW tanks. These tanks are made of stainless steel and have a 10 years commercial corrosion warranty.

The design of the tanks is for specific use with a heat pump, with a large heat exchange surface, and with the possibility of being installed with boilers that use other types of fuels. The installation solutions offered with the DUAL CLIMA R air source heat pump are designed to achieve efficient, durable and reliable installations.


DUAL CLIMA R air source heat pumps are equipped with a DC Inverter compressor which is quiet, robust, high efficiency compressor that can modulate the thermal power according to the needs of the house.

Due to the power setting, the on/off cycles are reduced, ensuring greater reliability of the system. As a result, unnecessary consumption is reduced and user comfort is improved.

The DUAL CLIMA R range has a system that reduces losses caused by the accumulation of ice in the evaporator. Before the cooling liquid passes through the distributor, it fl ows through the bottom of the evaporator preventing ice from forming in this area.


Reduced maintenance

MONOBLOC technology, in which the entire gas circuit is integrated into the outdoor unit, reduces the risk of cooling gas leaks, thus avoiding gas recharge operations.

In addition, by using electricity as a power source, the maintenance required in the combustion of fossil fuels is avoided, both in the combustion chamber and in the exhaust gas outlet.

Electronic control inside the home

The control board of the DUAL CLIMA R air source heat pump is installed inside the home, from which you have complete control of all the components of the system, with an easy and intuitive use.

Quiet night operation mode

Night operation mode reduces fan noise levels during the night hours programmed in the system.


With MONOBLOC technology only hydraulic connections are made, which simplifi es the installation

The gas/water exchanger is incorporated in the outdoor unit, thus avoiding the necessity to manipulate the cooling circuit in the installation process. The connection between the outdoor and indoor units is hydraulic, making the installation simpler and allowing a greater distance between them than if cooling gas was used as a heat-transferring fluid.

Plug and play solutions

DOMUSA TEKNIK offers a wide range of packs that allow the configuration of any kind of heating, DHW or cooling installation.

Among this range of packs, you can find simple solutions such as electrical back-up kits, or more complete solutions including buffer tanks with circuit separation which allows the combination of heat pumps with back-up boilers.

60º C flow temperature

The high flow temperatures, allows the use of the DUAL CLIMA R heat pump even with radiators.

Protection against hydraulic component frost

The electronic control of the heat pump activates the circulation pump and the compressor if necessary, in order to prevent the water from falling below freezing point. To avoid freezing against prolonged power cuts, two solutions are offered:
Anti frost valve that drains the water circuit in the event that water temperatures drop to freezing point.
Corrosion Inhibitor/Anti-freeze is added to the system.


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